01 Lunacy

02 In the Dark

03 The Deeper Well

04 House of Torment

05 Geisterschloss

06 Puppet Master

07 Spirit Box

08 Creature Feature

09 Netherworld

10 Hexed

11 Spectral Anomalies

12 Hellbound Heart

GEISTERSCHLOSS is the sixth full-length album from Damsel in the Dollhouse. It features twelve haunted darkwave, industrial, and gothic tracks for dancing in the dark. Prepare to be infected by an evil not of the living!


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01 Provocateur

02 Fever Dream

03 Majesty

04 Tick Tock

05 Shroud

06 Black and Blue

07 Concubine

08 Triggered

09 Poison Water

10 Wicked Girl

11 Legion

12 Vamp on the Dancefloor

PROVOCATEUR is the fifth full-length album from Damsel in the Dollhouse. It features twelve darkwave, industrial, and gothic inspired tracks, each one exploring the many facets of emotional extremes. From vengeful femme fatales to lovesick insomniacs, desperate lunatics to comforting confidantes, power-hungry deviants to bewitched innocents, Provocateur is a twisted journey that invites listeners to indulge in their darkest fantasies and embrace the beauty and the beast within themselves.


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01 Vamp on the Dancefloor (Steven OLaf Mix)
02 Tick Tock (Chasing Oblivion Remix by Scrape)
03 Shroud (Slighter’s 12 Inch Club Mix)
04 Concubine (Witch Burning Mix by Sawtooth)
05 Fever Dream (Cold Sweat Mix by Jeff Appleton)
06 Wicked Girl (Remix by Cristabel Christo)
07 Legion (Paracas Mix)
08 Triggered (Out Out Version)
09 Fever Dream (Carr Tell Remix by Justin Carr)
10 Wicked Girl (End of the World Remix by 27 Hour Day)
11 Shroud (Inside the Circle Mix by Blackcell)
12 Poison Water (GravitySlip Mix)
13 Fever Dream (Ananel’s Voices Remix by Kevin Muller)
14 Legion (Psystyle restraints applied by Mixtress Pendula)
15 Wicked Girl (Microwaved Slow Dance Mix)
16 Triggered (Mood Swings in the Padded Cell Mix by RED)
17 Poison Water (How Green is My Toupee Remix)
18 Fever Dream (Growl Mix by Gross National Produkt)
19 Shroud (Oira 317 Remix)
20 Vamp on the Dancefloor (Agrippa’s ‘Box of Motherland’ Earth Mix)
21 Provocateur (Damsel’s Sweet Revenge Mix)
22 Black and Blue (Damsel’s Pants on Fire Mix)
23 Majesty (Damsel’s Dance Party at the Palace Mix)

PROVOKED features the remixing talents of 20 incredible darkwave, industrial, gothic, dark electro, witch house, synthpop, and experimental music artists.

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01 Frankenhooker
02 Frankenhooker (Got Any Money Mix)
03 Cupid
04 Cupid (Flirty Dirty Sex Groove Remix)
05 Flutter
06 Flutter (Tortured Specimen Mix)
07 Loki
08 Loki (Dark Clouds in Asgard Mix)
09 Loki (Glorious Purpose Extended Mix)

PLAYTHINGS is a nine-track album released in March 2017 that features four main songs and their five accompanying remixes. It begins with an homage to the shlock horror movie of the same title, FRANKENHOOKER, and is quickly followed with a remix that includes sound bytes from the film. The second main track is CUPID and is a nod to that dastardly little fellow and his gift of l'amour. Its accompanying remix is a mischievous dance inducer filled with flirty synths and sexy beats. The third main track is FLUTTER and echoes the 1963 novel and 1965 film "The Collector" that tells the tale of a butterfly collector who yearns to possess a beautiful woman. With the initial track evoking a melodic synth pop feel, its remix takes on a harsher and more violent sound. The album wraps up with LOKI, a nod to the tricksy mythical god. The main track is a grandiose display in honor of his greatness, followed by a dark wave stripped down remix. The album ends with an extended version of the original Loki track, complete with familiar sound bytes.

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Feast of Villains
01 Room 237
02 Bloodlust
03 It's a Good Day
04 Forever Knight
05 Lucifer
06 Hannibal
07 Mother
08 Darkness
09 Lolita
10 Pristine
11 Greed is Good
12 Villain
13 War Boy

Feast of Villains is a collection of songs celebrating some of my favorite maniacal villains from literature, television, and film. It was released in May 2016. Combining aggressive synth sounds, rapid variations, and twisted lyrics, each track evokes a special madness for those who like to dance while committing mayhem. This thirteen track release is available now for free from BandCamp and is ready to delight all children of the night with elements of dark wave, industrial, and gothic music styles. The table is set and all are welcome to enjoy the carnage.

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Feast of Villains Press Release

Damsel in the Dollhouse Bio


Dessert: the Feast of Villains remixes

01 Pristine (Sergeant Sawtooth Pleasure Model Mix)
02 Greed Is Good (nTTx Gordon's Mix)
03 Bloodlust (Paracas Nina Easton Mix)
04 It's a Good Day (Steven OLaf Mix)
05 Room 237 (milan Paris to Versailles)
06 Forever Knight (Real Experts Forever Expert Remix)
07 Mother (Cyborgs On Crack Remix)
08 Lolita (PERPACITY Remix)
09 Darkness (Noisestompmix by LaUD23)
10 War Boy (Mangabros Pacifist Mix)
11 Lucifer (Agrippa's 'Devil in the Dansette' Mix)
12 Villain ("Antagonist" RMX by Blind TEST)
13 Hannibal (Paracas Mix)
14 Greed Is Good (Moneymaker Mix by Lights Out, God Help Me)
15 Bloodlust (At0shima 3rr0r Club Mix)
16 Forever Knight (Dmix by Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop)
17 It's a Good Day (Ds73 Mix)
18 War Boy (Binaural Silence Noisecstasy Remix)
19 Room 237 (Walter Fini - Torrance Remix)
20 Bloodlust (My Own Sorrow Bloodletting Remix)
21 Greed is Good (Pipeline Mix by Society Burning)
22 Darkness (Wade Garrett Gothic Match Remix)
23 Pristine (Deathtrap Filter Remix)
24 Bloodlust (Oira 317 VampMix)
25 Room 237 (Moon Dust Doomremix)
26 Lolita (CHRISTO Remix)
27 Lucifer (Qixoni Remix)
28 Bloodlust (Steven OLaf Mix)
29 Greed Is Good (Vampyria Mix by T-Error Machinez)
30 Room 237 (Remix By Frequenze Of Noize)
31 Mother (Cyborgs on Crack Remix Instrumental)

Dessert: the Feast of Villains remixes album was released in November 2016 and features 28 artists and 31 tracks. This album would not have been possible without the generous talent of the following astonishing artists: Sergeant Sawtooth, nTTx, Paracas, Steven OLaf, milan, Real Experts, Cyborgs On Crack, PERPACITY, LaUD23, Mangabros, Agrippa, Blind TEST, Lights Out, God Help Me, At0shima 3rr0r, Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Ds73, Binaural Silence, Walter Fini, My Own Sorrow, Society Burning, Wade Garrett, Deathtrap Filter, Oira 317, Moon Dust, CHRISTO, Qixoni, T-Error Machinez, and Frequenze Of Noize. A very special thank you goes to Rob Robinson (Sergeant Sawtooth) for the mastering of this magical behemoth.

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Where I Left Her

01 Where I Left Her

02 Where I Left Her (Beaten Mix)

Where I Left Her was released as a single with an accompanying remix in October 2016. It's a violent and nightmarish nod to the slasher film.

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Alone at the Table
01 Through the Cracks (Do Not Resuscitate Redux)
02 Confession
03 Subcutis
04 Manic
05 Dead Meat
06 Holy Roller
07 Little White Lie
08 Distraction (Air Raid Remix)
09 From Beneath You
10 Big Blue
11 Safe
12 Pretty Constriction (vampyren vakner redux)
13 Apparition

Alone at the Table was released in 2013 and is a visceral response to the diagnosis then eventual loss of my father to cancer. This thirteen track album delves into the pain, anger, and overall feeling of hopelessness when losing a loved one.

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Dream Eternal

01 Dream Eternal
02 Masquerade
03 Distraction
04 Back and Forth
05 Temptation
06 Misunderstanding
07 Lobotomy
08 Psycho Babble
09 Zombie
10 Dementia
11 Falling
12 On the Fringe
13 Penance
14 Delusional
15 Invitation
16 Through the Cracks
Released in 2011, Dream Eternal is a sixteen track album that pairs otherworldly electronic landscapes with emotionally charged lyrics exploring heartbreak, kitschy horror, and altered states.

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01 Fairytales
02 Exorcist
03 Did You Ever
04 Humanoid
05 Pretty Little Plastic
06 Curiosity
07 Spaced Out
08 Dolly Dear
09 My Little Wonder
10 Underground
11 Thunder
12 Fairytales (Sergeant Sawtooth Remix)
Released in 2010, Fairytales was my official debut as a singer and songwriter in the synthesized realm of dance beats and haunting melodies. It includes twelve original tracks of electronic, dark wave, and synth pop sounds with lyrics weaving tales of bondage, serial killers, sexual obsession, and science fiction.

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Thank you to all of these wonderful artists, radio stations, DJs, record labels, and friends for allowing me to contribute my remixes, guest vocals, and original tracks to these incredible projects!

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