Monday, November 13 Music: Release of album PROVOCATEUR PROVOCATEUR is my fifth full length album and features twelve tracks. Download the entire album for free from Bandcamp.
Saturday, September 9 Dance: IndepenDance I will be performing in the IndepenDance show on Saturday, September 9, at The Ellen Theater in Bozeman, MT. There will be a matinee and an evening show that day. I'll be debuting my new dance piece and original music "Beneath the Oak", a fairytale contemporary ballet piece.
Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10 Theater: Don't Close Your Eyes Live Readio Theatre I'll be performing as the Chanteuse in the Don't Close Your Eyes original radio play "The Best Burger in the Galaxy" written by Keith Suta. I have also written the theme music and will be singing my original silly ditty "The Yum Song" during the performance! Showtime is 8 pm on Friday, June 9, and Saturday, June 10, at The Verge Theater in Bozeman, MT. Don't Close Your Eyes runs for eight weeks each summer with a new radio play written and performed each weekend. Visit them on Facebook at The Verge Theater and Don't Close Your Eyes.
Saturday, April 14 Dance: Tutu Cool Performance Tutu Cool is an innovative dance performance featuring the talents of dancers and choreographers from around Montana. I will be premiering my original piece "Asylum" featuring five dancers with music composed by myself and husband Rob Robinson. The performance will take place on Saturday, April 15, at 7 pm at The Ellen Theater in downtown Bozeman. Tickets are $19 and can be purchased from the Ellen directly at: Tickets Online
Tuesday, March 21 Music: Playthings Album Release My newest album Playthings is now available for FREE via Bandcamp! Featuring 4 new songs and 5 remixes! Click the link to download: PLAYTHINGS on Bandcamp
Thursday, March 16 Music: Guest Vocalist for Psycho Circus You can find me providing guest vocals on the album "Dunkle Gezeiten" from Psycho Circus! This album is 16 tracks of industrial stomping goodness and you can download it for FREE from Bandcamp! Thank you so much to VDevil and SDog for inviting me to write lyrics and lend my vocals to their track Ashes of the Past/Asche der Vergangenheit. Also featured are fabulous guest artists Genius of Nefarious and NFektado! https://psychocircusgermany.bandcamp.com/album/dunkle-gezeiten-album
Tuesday, February 21 Music: Remix for Sergeant Sawtooth The official score by Sergeant Sawtooth (Rob Robinson) for Dustin Ferguson's horror film 'Meathook Massacre II' is now available for download and on CD. 17 tracks including amazing remixes by Paracas, Subimage, Slighter, Qixoni, Jason Timothy Ward, Siren Section, Steven OLaf, Damsel in the Dollhouse, and LoPhonic. A fabulous musical purchase for fans of dark, analog retro electronic music. Meathook Massacre 2 on Bandcamp
Friday, February 17 Music: Goth Ball Don't miss Damsel in the Dollhouse with special guest Sergeant Sawtooth performing live at Bozeman's own Goth Ball on Friday, February 17, at The Eagles. Plus two DJs and two rooms of goth, darkwave, industrial, post punk, and new wave tunes! Doors at 8 pm. Admission only $10. 21+ only. Proper attire required!
Thursday, February 16 Music: Remix for Scrape Check out the new Scrape album, 'The Persistence of Rust' in both digital and CD formats at https://scrape.bandcamp.com on Electric Bat Records! I'm so ecstatic and grateful to have been invited to contribute a remix to this amazing band's new album!
Sunday, January 1 Music: Intravenous Magazine Compilation My track Where I Left Her is part of the Intravenous Magazine Blood Pack Vol 4 compilation. This is their largest compilation to date and features 28 tracks from an incredible collection of international gothic, industrial, and electronic bands. This is a pay what you like download and is available from their bandcamp page here: Blood Pack Vol. 4
Sunday, December 25 Music: Dark Ace Records Compilation You can download the Dark Ace Records compilation album The Electronic Xmas Surprise for free featuring 30 tracks and including the incredible LaUD23 remix of my track Darkness! Visit the link here: The Electronic Xmas Surprise Compilation
Saturday, December 10 Burlesque: Erotica Art Show and Masquerade Ball I will be performing a burlesque number during the Cottonwood Club's annual Erotica Art Show and Masquerade Ball. Visit the event link for details: Erotica Art Show on Facebook
Tuesday, November 29 Music: Feast of Villains Remix Album The Feast of Villains remix album "Dessert" featuring 28 artists and 31 tracks is now avaialble for FREE download via BandCamp. This album would not be possible without the generous talent of the following: Sergeant Sawtooth, nTTx, Paracas, Steven OLaf, milan, Real Experts, Cyborgs On Crack, PERPACITY, LaUD23, Mangabros, Agrippa, Blind TEST, Lights Out, God Help Me, At0shima 3rr0r, Cabo Joe & Chop-Chop, Ds73, Binaural Silence, Walter Fini, My Own Sorrow, Society Burning, Wade Garrett, Deathtrap Filter, Oira 317, Moon Dust, CHRISTO, Qixoni, T-Error Machinez, and Frequenze Of Noize. A very special thank you goes to Rob Robinson (Sergeant Sawtooth) for the mastering of this magical behemoth. Click for free download of Dessert: the Feast of Villains remixes
Thursday, November 24 Music: A Walk on the Dark Side Compilation Damsel in the Dollhouse's track "Mother" appears on the Underground Industrial Records "A Walk on the Dark Side" Compilation. Featuring Damsel in the Dollhouse, The Sweetest Condition, PHANTASM NOCTURNES, DROID SECTOR DECAY, Datacode Division, Brittany Bordella, Paradox Obscur, In Black Lights, Mario Inghes, Criambique, Oira 317, and PreCog. Download it for free from BandCamp here: A Walk on the Dark Side Compilation Vol 1
Tuesday, November 22 Music Video: War Boy It's the world premiere of music video for War Boy! Starring Kelly Beiswanger, Michelle Kolodin, Stephanie Peterson, Lottie Rhyner, Deann Snyder, Erin Swietnicki, and Nina Tucciarell. Produced, directed, edited, choreographed, and costumed by yours truly. A very special thank you to Sarah Suta, camera operator extraordinaire, for capturing the source footage used throughout this video! Watch it here: War Boy on YouTube
Wednesday, November 16 Music: Interview with Jimmie Jones of Erosion Factory Radio Show I was interviewed alongside my talented husband (Sergeant Sawtooth) by Jimmie Jones for the Erosion Factory Radio Show on Beyond the Dawn Studios! Follow the show on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/erosionfactory/
Saturday, November 12 Music: The Future is Female Art Show I will be performing live during the Cottonwood Club's annual The Future is Female art show in Bozeman, MT. For more information, visit Cottonwood Club on Facebook.
Thursday, November 3 Music: Interview with Decay Magazine Thank you to Ken Artuz, Enid Artuz, and Stacy Cox of Decay Magazine for inviting me to be guest co-host and also be interviewed for their podcast! This special podcast also features an interview with Daniel Graves of the incredible band Aesthetic Perfection! Have a listen now right here: Decay Magazine Podcast
Monday, October 31 Music: T-Error Machinez I was so thrilled to be invited to provide a remix to T-Error Machinez's latest album "The Trip of Halloween Mistery" for their dark metal track Hanzel und Gretyl! Visit them on BandCamp to purchase the album: T-Error Machinez on BandCamp
Monday, October 31 Music: Venus Aeon's Disembodied Voices Compilation Embracing my love of dark ambient, I'm proud to announce that my track Where I Left Her (Damned and Still) is part of Venus Aeon's "Disembodied Voices (An Exploration in Electronic Voice Phenomenon)" compilation! Have a listen to this nightmarish album featuring an incredible group of artists exploring electronic voice phenomenon, also known as ghosts! Download it from BandCamo here: Disembodied Voices Compilation on BandCamp
Monday, October 31 Music: DEF Masquerade Compilation Thank you to Derek of Doncaster Electronic Foundation for inviting me to submit a track to the annual covers album entitled A Fourth Masquerade. This album features artists covering songs from outside their usual musical genre. My chosen track is a cover of Supertramp's The Logical Song! This entire album is free, so visit BandCamp to download: A Fourth Masquerade on BandCamp
Sunday, October 31 Music: The Dummy 2 Soundtrack Download the soundtrack to The Dummy 2 horror film, scored by Sergeant Sawtooth and featuring nine remixes by guest artists (including Damsel in the Dollhouse). This is a name your own price download, so visit BandCamp and have a listen! The Dummy 2 by Sergeant Sawtooth
Wednesday, October 26 Music: Where I Left Her Release of my new single Where I Left Her and its remix is now on BandCamp. Download it for free here: Where I Left Her on BandCamp
Friday, October 21 Music: Harvesting Hope Compilation Harvesting Hope is a music compilation featuring 45 incredible artists from a variety of genres who have come together to help someone very special. Jack Howard is 12 years old and is fighting cancer for the second time in his life. He is seeking vital treatment in America and the purchasing of the Harvesting Hope compilation can greatly help with the costs. You can help Jack while discovering all of the amazing artists and their music on this epic album. A very special thank you to Blueblurr Recordings, Paul Randall, and also to the band Wolves and Horses who created the cover and suggested the name. Purchase the album here: Harvesting Hope Compilation
Thursday, October 6 Music: Cybernetic Ecosystems Compilation Release of my ambient track Tag and Release as part of the Paracelsian Records Compilation "Cybernetic Ecosystems". This compilation consists of three separate CDs featuring thirty electronic artists in a variety of genres. You will find my track on Part 3, but be sure to have a listen to all three albums. Listen and download here: Cybernetic Ecosystems Part 3
Monday, September 19 Music: Bloodlust Music Video Release Release of my second music video from the album Feast of Villains. Watch it here: Bloodlust Music Video
Saturday, September 10 Dance: IndepenDANCE Annual Show I will be debuting my contemporary dance piece War Boy during the annual IndepenDANCE: Limitless Show at the Ellen in Bozeman, MT.

“Limitless” is the culmination of our eighth season and will showcase the work of 25 Bozeman-area choreographers and over 100 local participants. We will have a variation of unique styles, from contemporary dance, ballet, and tap to hip-hop, belly dance, and much more!

There will be a 2:00 pm matinee and a 7:00 pm evening performance. Tickets are $16.50 and can be purchased at theellentheatre.com or at the Ellen box office. Visit IndepenDANCE on Facebook

Friday, August 5 Music: CIA Comp 3 Two of my Damsel in the Dollhouse tracks are featured on the CIA Compilation 3 along with over 30 amazing artists. Released by CIA Specialforces, download it for free right here: CIA Comp 3 on BandCamp
Wednesday, June 1 Music: Room 237 Music Video Release The release of my music video for Room 237. Watch it here: Room 237 on YouTube
Tuesday, May 3 Music: Album Release My fourth album Feast of Villains is now available for download! Featuring thirteen tracks of darkwave, industrial, electronic, gothic, and EDM insanity! Download it for free here: Feast of Villains on BandCamp


Sunday, December 20 Photography: The Nutcracker vs. The Grinch I will be photographing Yellowstone Ballet Company's annual production of The Nutcracker on Sunday, December 20 at 4 pm. This year's show has a twist as The Nutcracker will battle The Grinch. Ticket prices range from $18-$45. Performances will be held on Saturday, December 19, and Sunday, December 20, both shows begin at 4 pm.
Wednesday, Dec 16, and Friday, Dec 18 Photography: Nutcracker in a Nutshell I will be photogaphing the Dance Center's annual production of Nutcracker in a Nutshell dress rehearsal and performance right here in Bozeman. To find out more about the performance, please visit The Dance Center Website.
Saturday, December 5 Burlesque: Open Range You can catch me performing burlesque at the Open Range's Prohibition Party on Saturday, December 5! The party begins at 10 pm! There is no cover charge! Dress in your 1920s finest for what's sure to be the cat's meow! There will also be live music celebrating this charleston-stepping era of debauchery!
Saturday, December 5 Photography: Twas the Night Before Christmas I will be photographing the annual performance of Twas the Night Before Christmas presented by Main Street Dance Theatre at the Emerson. Tickets are $13. The show begins at 6:30 pm. Come and enjoy this wonderful holiday show after Bozeman's Christmas Stroll for a truly epic evening of holiday cheer!
Saturday, November 21 Music: Cottonwood Club I'm excited to announce that Damsel in the Dollhouse will be performing live along with Sergeant Sawtooth at the Cottonwood Club's upcoming art event "The Future is Female". Female artists from Bozeman and beyond will be featured. Suggested donation is $5. Doors at 7 pm. For more info, visit the Future is Female Facebook Invite.
Thursday, November 12 Music: Gothic Rock Compilation My song Hannibal was featured on Gothic Rock Magazine's second compilation featuring goth music from around the world! Download the entire album for free at the following link: Gothic Rock Compilation II
Saturday, October 24 Music: Goth Ball I'll be singing live as Damsel in the Dollhouse along with Sergeant Sawtooth during the Goth Ball on Saturday, October 24, at The Eagle in downtown Bozeman. DJs will be spinning darkwave, industrial, gothic, and new wave throughout the night. Admission is only $10, doors at 8 pm. Gothic attire required!
Friday, October 16 Dance: It's All About Giving This event brings together seven organizations, ArtSplot, Engineers without Borders, Haven, IndepenDANCE, Montana Conservation Corps, PercOrchestra, and Women’s Foundation of Montana for an evening of storytelling and performing arts. I will be performing as part of my original piece Pristine, and in Stevie Peterson's Off to the Races. The event begins at 7 pm, tickets are $10, it will take place at the Emerson.
Sunday, October 10 Photography: The Dance Center Photography for The Dance Center.
Friday, September 18 Burlesque: Interchange Remix Runway Show Catch me performing my Cock-Eyed Cowgirl burlesque number along with Vanna Visceral during the Remix Runway Show on Friday, September 18, as part of the Interchange weekend symposium in Bozeman, MT. For more info, please visit http://www.iaminterchange.com.
Saturday, September 12 Dance: IndepenDance

The annual IndepenDance show will be held on Satuday, September 12, at The Ellen Theater. Stay tuned for updates and ticket sales this summer. Visit IndepenDance for more info. Tickets will eventually be sold at http://www.theellentheatre.com.

Saturday, May 30 Photography: Main Street Dance Theatre Recital On Saturday, May 30, I will be photographing the afternoon and evening performances of Main Street Dance Theatre in Bozeman, MT.
Saturday, May 16 Music: The Filling Station Damsel in the Dollhouse will be making a special appearance during the live set performance of Sergeant Sawtooth at the Filling Station. Sergeant Sawtooth will be performing two sets during the night. DarkMountain Cirkus will be headlining this event. The show begins at 10 pm, doors at 9 pm.
Thursday, April 16 Video: Release of Mission to Mars Music Video The official release of Sergeant Sawtooth's music video for Mission to Mars that I filmed, edited, and costumed. To see the video, click here: Mission to Mars Music Video. To download Sergeant Sawtooth's full album This is Tomorrowland, please visit Sergeant Sawtooth on Bandcamp.
Saturday, April 4 Photography: Yellowstone Ballet Company On Saturday, April 4, I will be photographing the Yellowstone Ballet Company's production of The Little Mermaid at the Willson Theater in Bozeman. For tickets, please visit Yellowstone Ballet Company.
Monday, March 9 Video: Release of Adventure Through Inner Space Music Video The official release of Sergeant Sawtooth's music video for Adventure Through Inner Space that I filmed, edited, and costumed. To see the video, click here: Adventure Through Inner Space Music Video. To download Sergeant Sawtooth's full album This is Tomorrowland, please visit Sergeant Sawtooth on Bandcamp.
Saturday, February 7 Music and Video: Release of Dreams of Inner Space Release of Dreams of Inner Space music track and video. This song was inspired by Sergeant Sawtooth's track Adventure Through Inner Space. To see the video, click here: Dreams of Inner Space Video. To download the track for free, click here: Dreams of Inner Space Track
Sunday, January 25 Video: Release of Autopia Music Video The official release of Sergeant Sawtooth's music video for Autopia that I filmed, edited, and costumed. To see the video, click here: Autopia Music Video. To download Sergeant Sawtooth's full album This is Tomorrowland, please visit Sergeant Sawtooth on Bandcamp.


Saturday, December 20 Photography: Nutcracker in a Shell performed by The Dance Center I will be photographing The Dance Center's annual production of Nutcracker in a Nutshell on Saturday, December 20. There will be three performances this year: Friday, December 19 at 6 pm, Saturday, December 20 at 12 pm and at 6 pm. For more information and tickets, please visit The Dance Center.
Tuesday, December 16 Music: Release of Remix of Better Days Damsel in the Dollhouse has been featured on Hate Dept's remix album Sojourners - New Ghost remixes volley III, providing a remix of the track Better Days. To download the song and the entire Hate Dept album, please visit Hate Dept on Bandcamp.
Saturday, November 29 Photography: The Nutcracker performed by Yellowstone Ballet I will be photographing the Yellowstone Ballet Company's annual production of The Nutcracker on Saturday, November 29 at 4 pm. For more information and tickets, please visit The Yellowstone Ballet.
Saturday, October 11 Dance: Hush Hush Music Festival

You can catch me onstage go-go dancing for the 2014 HUSHUSH festival in Bozeman Montana. Montana's premier electronic music event being held at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Doors at 5 pm. Get your tickets at https://www.eventbrite.com/e/hushush-tickets-12510576471

Thursday, September 18 Dance: IndepenDance Performance Don't miss the premiere of my piece "Three Sisters" and my clown ballet "Happy Birthday" as they are performed in the annual IndepenDance show at The Ellen. Visit http://www.theellentheatre.com for tickets.
Friday, August 22, Saturday, August 23, Friday, August 29, Saturday, August 30 Theatre: The Visceral Show The Visceral Show returns for our fifth anniversary of bringing plenty of silly songs, skits, burlesque, comedy, and fabulous costumes to Bozeman. All four shows are happening at the Verge Theater. Tickets only $10, showtime is 8 pm. For mature audiences only!
Sunday, August 3 Dance: Sweet Pea Festival IndepenDance will be presenting works in progress on Sunday, August 3, at 12 pm. Watch for my piece "Happy Birthday" on the Cypress Stage. Visit www.sweetpeafestival.org for more info about Bozeman's annual arts festival.
Friday, July 11 Dance: Art Walk Don't miss a special performance by members of IndepenDance, including my piece "Happy Birthday", in the Baxter Ballroom at 6 pm. This event is free!
Saturday, May 31 Photography: Main Street Dance Theatre Recital Photographing the Main Street Dance Theatre's Annual Dance Recital at the Emerson.
Friday, May 30 Photography: Heart of the Valley Dog Ball Photographing at the Heart of the Valley's annual Dog Ball Fundraiser.
Saturday, May 17 Photography: The Dance Center Spring Performance Photographing The Dance Center's Annual Spring Performance at the Emerson.
Saturday, May 3 Photography: YBC Cinderella Photographing the Yellowstone Ballet Company's production of Cinderella at the Willson.
Saturday, April 26 Dance: MSU Dance Performance Premiering my new work "Happy Birthday" in the MSU Dance Clubs Performance. Saturday evening's show is at 7 pm. The performance is free to the public and will be held in the Dance Studio in the Romney Gym Building.
Saturday, February 8 Photography: RMSP Attending one day photography seminar presented by Rocky Mountain School of Photography.
Wednesday, December 18, 2013
Photography: Nutcracker in a Nutshell/The Dance Center
Photographing the Dress Rehearsal for The Dance Center's annual production of Nutcracker in a Nutshell.
Friday, December 13, 2013
Photography: Twas the Night Before Christmas/Main Street Dance Theater
Photographing the Dress Rehearsal for Main Street Dance Theater's annual production of Twas the Night Before Christmas.
Saturday, Nov 30, 2013
Photography: The Nutcracker/Yellowstone Ballet Company
Photographing the Dress Rehearsal for Yellowstone Ballet Company's annual production of The Nutcracker.
Saturday, Oct 26, 2013
Electra Sexton's Drag Show
Don't miss Electra Sexton's Drag Show happening In Livingston, MT on Saturday, October 26, 2013. The doors open at 7pm and the show starts at 8pm!! 18+ event, 21 and up must have a valid ID. The cover charge is $10. Don't miss this amazing event featuring the very best drag queens and kings, plus burlesque and naughty cabaret from the gals of The Visceral Show, and belly dancing from Bad Asp!
Thursday, Sept 5, 2013
The performance will be held at The Ellen Theater, Bozeman, MT. Don’t miss the premiere of “Mother Night”, featuring original music and choreography by yours truly. Dancers are Skye Anderson, Ann Marvin Fuchs, Stevie Bolton Peterson, and Nina Tucciarelli. For more information, visit IndepenDance on Facebook.
August 23, 24, 30, 31, 2013
The Visceral Show
Now in it's fourth year, The Visceral Show returns to The Verge Theater (formerly Equinox Theatre) in Bozeman, MT. Get ready for some truly silly adult fun featuring some brand spanking new songs, burlesque numbers, audience participation games, plus a few old favorites. Tickets are only $10. Presale tickets will be available at Cactus Records in August. For more info, be sure to visit The Visceral Show online.

 © Nina Tucciarelli/Damsel in the Dollhouse