Vera Visceral is the 'campy lass with a whole lot of class'! She's ready to bring her naughty brand of camp, cheeky charm, and visual opulence to the stage with a wink and a nod to the golden age of burlesque and vaudeville. Want to see a stripping chicken? Indulge in some of her Italian meatballs? Witness a libidinous gorilla? Experience a cooking lesson a la Marie Antoinette? With every number she's on a mission to put a smile on your face with a shimmy and a shake and an unexpected surprise hidden beneath her fabulous frocks. Get ready for the silly and one heck of a wild ride with Vera!

Vera Visceral in Finger Licking Chicken in Variety on the Verge at the Verge Theater.

Since 2010 I've been slipping into the sequins and fringe as my cabaret/burlesque persona Vera Visceral. I first debuted this sassy alter ego in my full production The Visceral Show, which featured original music and skits written by yours truly and starring a fabulous cast of singers, dancers, and comedians. It was performed annually in Bozeman from 2010 until 2014.

Highlights from The Visceral Show, written and directed by Nina Tucciarelli. Starring Lindsey Bos, Amanda Davidson, Cassie Lewis, Keith Suta, Sarah Suta, and Nina Tucciarelli.

Some of my notable appearances as Vera Visceral include Live Jazz and Burlesque Night at Est1864 (producer and performer, April 2024 and May 2024), Verge After Dark Fundraiser at the Emerson, Heartthrobs and Heartbreakers Burlesque Show at Est1864 (produced by Vera Visceral and Loosey D'Lish in February 2024), Chicago Film Viewing with Burlesque Performance at the Windsor in Helena (appearing as part of Jupiter's Lounge), New Queer's Eve at the Rialto, Sparkle Spectacular at the Rialto (co-producer and featured choreographer and performer for Raison D'Etre Dance Project's burlesque fundraiser) featured regular at Jupiter's Lounge at Starlite (March 2023 - August 2023), Anthologie at the Emerson (a production by Juicy Entertainment in 2022), Holiday Noir at the Rialto (2022), Sparkle Spectacular (2022), the Dark Circus at Biome Slowcraft (2021), the New Years Party at Open Range Restaurant (2020), The Mistletoe Show at Kitty Warren (2019), the Variety Show presents Speak Sleazy at the Emerson Theater (2019), FemmePowerment at the Emerson Theater (2019), and Variety on the Verge at the Verge Theater (2018). I was also co-producer, as well as performer, choreographer, and costumer, for Raison D'Etre Dance Project's sold out burlesque show NOIR at the Rialto Theater (2019).

Highlights from Live Jazz & Burlesque Night at Est1864 in Bozeman, MT. Featuring burlesque artists Buster Open, Jupiter Everhard, Loosey D'Lish, Miss Moonshadow, Margot Teets, and Vera Visceral, and jazz musicians Isaac Winemiller, David Charles, and Austin Belluscio.

In addition to performing and producing shows, I am also a photographer, costume designer, and videographer. All of my costumes and headdresses are handmade by yours truly. For the latest news of my whereabouts, be sure to visit my EVENTS page or my Facebook page here: Vera Visceral​​​​​​​
Give me a holler if looking to add some glitter and pizzazz to your special event or holiday party!
Scroll on down and have a gander at some of my favorite flashy moments as the one and only Vera Visceral!

Vera Visceral in Gorilla My Dreams at the Dark Circus event at Biome in Bozeman, MT.

Heartthrobs & Heartbreakers premiered at Est1864 in downtown Bozeman in February 2024. Produced by Vera Visceral and Loosey D'Lish, the burlesque show featured 11 incredible artists including Buster Open, Jupiter Everhard, Miss Moonshadow, Margot Teets, Phoebe Nyx, Pica LaTrans, Mx. Belladonna, Danger! Toxic, Loosey D'Lish, and Vera Visceral.

Vera Visceral in Let Them Eat Cake. Music, lyrics, and costume by Nina Tucciarelli.

Vera Visceral as Elvis Presley in a number featuring the dancers of Raison D'Etre Dance Project. Choreographed and costumed by Vera Visceral.

Vera Visceral in 2001 A Sex Odyssey performed at Jupiter's Lounge.

Vera Visceral performing her Lady New Year's number in the Sparkle Spectacular for Raison D'Etre Dance Project.

Vera Visceral as Darth Vader with the dancers of Raison D'Etre Dance Project during their Sparkle Spectacular show. Choreographed by Vera Visceral.

Cast of the The Visceral Show (2014)
Cast of the The Visceral Show (2014)

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